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Jan. 3, 2021



Church was very important in our lives. It was the place where we would go to meet new people, be with our friends outside of school, and socialize. Because of Jim Crow laws, there weren't a lot of places where we could go to do these things. So church became that place. Our Lives revolved around three different places. They were school, church and work, if you were an adult. 

I loved church. One of the things I loved best about church was that we got to dress up. It was the one place I could go and wear really special, pretty dresses and wear all those crinolines that made my poofy dress stand out, far far from my body. My mother dressed us well, not just for church.

My mother believed in dressing, but then, the whole community seemed to be about being dressed and taking pride in how we looked. It's not that we had a lot of money. We didn't. My mother was a domestic. She made 25 cents an hour. My father worked for the United States post office as a mail handler. My father was an alcoholic. So a lot of times we didn't see a lot of that money. So it wasn't about the money. It was about pride. It was about feeling good. 

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