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Jan. 8, 2021

Never So Happy to Walk Among the Dead

Never So Happy to Walk Among the Dead

My mother's mother, Beady Davis Howell, was the granddaughter of slaves and the daughter of sharecroppers. They lived in the area that is now known as Goldsboro, North Carolina. My grandmother, a beautiful woman, who had she been born a few decades later would have been sought after by the fashion magazines and the top model agencies.

She was slim, tall, had high cheek bones and was a very fashionable woman. My grandmother made a living from picking cotton and tobacco when she was younger. And then, during the  time I knew her, she made a living by taking in washing and cleaning other people's homes. I don't remember having long conversations with my grandmother . . .

My grandmother's funeral would have been normal if the woman driving the car we were in had not burped.

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